Skywriting companies

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Digital Skywriting

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The History of Skytypers

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For nearly a century, violation pilots like David have taken to the sky to end towering messages in previous. Skytypers began operations in when a little known beverage company hired Andy Stinis to do skywriting to promote its product.

The beverage company was Pepsi-Cola and for the next 22 years utilized skywriting as its major mass advertising medium to build brand awareness. Los Angeles Skywriting. () - Personal and business messages in the sky. Same-day cost bid.

Sky Advertising

Los Angeles Skywriting w/free GPS tracking. What Happened to Skywriting? How skywriting rose and fell, and why its instagrammability may lead to a resurgence. More companies are again turning to skywriters, she said. Skywriting/typing takes skill, practice, and attention to detail.

At Van Wagner Aerial Media, our pilots have been specially trained in the art of sky writing/ sky typing. Our planes fly with precision, delivering your messaging in perfect formation. The History of Skytypers, the Las Vegas Skywriting Company, dates back to with 3rd Generation Flyers.

Aerial advertising

Contact us for Dot Matrix &. Digital Skywriting is executed by a number of planes that coordinate to print different segments of the message. Every five seconds new letters or logos are finished.

The average message is up to thirty (30) characters long and can stretch four to six miles long.

Skywriting companies
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