Santos timber company

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World’s Only Pile Structural Repair Company

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Honduras Mahogany

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Palo Santo Logs

The wood feels very smooth between the thumb and fingers and offers a similar tone to the African Ebony despite a lower Janka hardness rating (it's ). Phone number, address, map and everything about Santos Timber & Hardware in the 1a Sneezewood Avenue, Durban.

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Appalachian lumber is a family-owned company that has deep and historic roots in the appalachian hardwoods industry. Specializing in random width hardwood plank flooring, hardwood paneling, custom millwork, radius moulding, kiln-dried cabinet lumber, stair parts, dimensional furniture parts as well as specialty moulding.

Santos rosewood veneer is a speciality of London based veneer manufacturer RELIANCE VENEER CO usagiftsshops.comce has been producing veneers for many years and has built up a good reputation for quality, service and price. over different species in stock.

Santos timber company
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