Insurance company social media case study

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The Social Media Glossary: 226 Essential Definitions

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By John Patzakis Global law firm Gibson Dunn has released their esteemed Mid-Year eDiscovery and Information Law Update.

Portugal Telecom Case Study

In a section dedicated to social media, the Gibson Dunn update reports that “the use of social media continues to proliferate in business and social contexts, and that its importance is increasing in litigation, the number of cases.

It has become commonplace for insurance companies to utilize social media sites to assist in the claims handling process.

Who’s using what for internal social media?

Regulations and laws are slowly emerging to govern the use of this information and access to it. By Mary Anne Medina. Social media sites have exploded with popularity. These are among the findings of Bain & Company’s third global survey of retail insurance customers.

Working with Research Now, we canvassed more thaninsurance policyholders in 20 countries to gauge how loyal they are to their carriers.

A Pew Research Center study states that approximately 70% of Americans use social media to connect with each other, read news, and share information.

How 3 Insurance Companies Took Content Marketing by Storm

With numbers like that, insurers must get on board with social technology and take advantage of the opportunities it offers. AWS is a key component of The Weather Company’s cloud strategy.

“We need to be within milliseconds of everyone on the planet — and we leverage the global reach and availability of AWS to deliver on that strategy,” says Bryson Koehler, Executive Vice President and CIO.

Brands How 3 Insurance Companies Took Content Marketing by Storm By Amanda Walgrove May 11th, “Let’s face it,” said Matt Johnson, State Farm’s former head of digital marketing.

Insurance company social media case study
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AWS Case Study: The Weather Company