Error sqlite attempt to write a readonly database svn commands

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Behaviour of 'svn lock' in a read-only workspace

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attempt to write a readonly database - indexes.sqlite

Then, of course, this approach may or may not be feasible regarding you application. Use SQLite's own CLI commands for creating a backup copy of the database file.

This will wait to gain a write lock, and copy the file, then release the write lock, thus ensuring no. Feb 19,  · usagiftsshops.comException (0x): attempt to write a readonly databaseattempt to write a readonly database Looks like either something wasn’t restored properly or the permissions on the file don’t give the user running write access.

Hi, I've just load a backup in my svn app, and everything is ok, but when I commit some changes (using tortoise svn) I get an 'attempt to write a readonly database. In this. Attempt to write a readonly database after logging into.

Attempt to write a readonly database - Django w/ SELinux and mod_wsgi with python3 virtuaenvironment on ubuntu. If "ro" is specified, then the database is opened for read-only access, just as if the SQLITE_OPEN_READONLY flag had been set in the third argument to sqlite3_open_v2().

If the mode option is set to "rw", then the database is opened for read-write (but not create) access, as if SQLITE_OPEN_READWRITE (but not SQLITE_OPEN_CREATE) had been set. dbDoQuery() occasionally gives "RS_SQLite_fetch: failed first step: attempt to write a readonly database" # Closed HenrikBengtsson opened this Issue Sep 9, · 4 comments (NFS), multiple jobs tries to access/update the SQLite database, which is a file on this shared file system.

Some job grabs this SQLite file and locks it. Sqlite error:attempt to write a readonly database (8) while running: INSERT OR REPLACE INTO stat_cache (path, stamp) VALUES (?,?) *What FlightGear version are you using (when using GIT version, please mention date)?* *What operating system and graphics card?* win7 64 bit.

Error sqlite attempt to write a readonly database svn commands
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Django Sqlite3 Attempt To Write A Readonly Database