Aviation security case analysis

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San Francisco International Airport and Quantum Secures SAFE for Aviation System Case Solution

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ASCI Case Analysis Aviation Security. Aviation Security Case Analysis I.


Summary Since September 11,airport security has undergone some major changes. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) were formed and airport security was transitioned from private contractors to government run security through TSA.

Since that time. Aviation Security Threats and Realities. Print. LinkedIn. Twitter. but we've resisted writing a fresh analysis on aviation security because, as an organization, our objective is to lead the media rather than follow the media regarding a particular topic.

Airport screeners make far less than FBI special agents or CIA case officers and. These included the screening of passengers and cabin baggage and the patrolling of security areas, and also ensuring authorised and suitably trained officers were readily available for deployment at airports to assist in dealing with suspected or actual breaches of aviation security.

A simple 5-step process can inform the current debate about aviation security and many other difficult risk management decisions.

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